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Harden Up Carlton Supporters! Ignore outside "noise"!

Originally created on Carlton Blues by Debby Palti - Blues Editor.

The media is a-buzz with Carlton, Bolts, the players etc. based on their very lack-luster performance last weekend.  Caroline Wilson has said that Bolts is now ‘under the pump’.  There have been others, such as Kane Cornes, who doubt the ability of Bolts as a senior coach seeing as he has not played senior AFL.  The show The Front Bar, especially Mick Molloy, laid into Carlton and seeing as there are two Carlton supporters on the show, Andy Maher, and Sam Pang, he probably had a great time laying into a club, that for the most part, has laid into his in the past. 

There are supporters who are crying foul because others are making fun of Carlton, and they are angry about that. There are some who are calling for a major change in the coaches, the leadership and the administration of the club.  Even some suggesting that we get Paul Roos at any cost! Now, I was there at the match on Saturday and to be honest, it was appalling.  I was asked by another supporter; how do you keep positive when you are seeing this? Now given that this particular match was, well, rather a bit of a downer and I couldn’t really bring myself to write anything because even though I felt rather pissed off, venting on a public platform achieves nothing other than making me feel just a little bit better, kind of.  So, I wrote and said nothing.  But it is nearly Friday and with Carlton playing St. Kilda and given some of the verbal fodder banded around lately, I am going to say my view, my piece.

I categorically want to say, that under no circumstances are we to get rid of Bolts, to do that is tantamount to catastrophe and would be the worst thing that the club could do, which it won’t.  It won’t get rid of a coach who is endeavoring to turn this club around.  I listened on SEN last night and Richo said probably the most intelligent thing I have heard for a long time.  He said that Buckley at Richmond was in the same position that Bolts is in now.  There were calls for his head by the proverbial supporter base who did not believe he could achieve anything successfully.  Hardwick’s head was called when the chant around the AFL world was, Richmond will finish ninth – again.  The club’s administrators stood by the coach when some supporters didn’t.  In both cases, the club saw what the coach was endeavoring to achieve in the long term, for long-term success.  Look at both clubs now. 

If Charlie Curnow didn’t believe in what Bolts was trying to do, do you think he would have re-signed for another five years?  Do you think that Paddy Dow, (who is fast becoming my favorite player) would want to hang around a club that was going nowhere?  Do you think a player like Docherty would want to put his hand up and say ‘trade me outta here’ if he didn’t believe in the direction the club was going?  No! 

If we keep listening to the drivel, and it is drivel from a ‘media commentator’ such as Kornes, then those who do are delusional.  He dislikes anything to do with Carlton and has an underlying nasty streak about him.  All he achieves is getting people riled up and angry, which is exactly what he wants to achieve.  His suggestion that in order for a coach to be a good coach they need to play senior AFL is actually quite an ignorant thing to say, because really, not all coaches who were players, have had success. As for Wilson, I think the modern game has passed her by and she is trying to find her place in this arena, I take no notice of her.

For those supporters who are upset that we are getting bagged about, harden up.  We have been giving it to other teams for years!  If Molloy wants to have a dig at a club that gave it to him so many times, who cares – harden up. 

We have been down for so long because people such as those who want quick fixes, don’t see the bigger picture and get their feelings hurt when Carlton becomes not a shining beacon of success, but is just a footy club, like the rest.  Sure, we are passionate about the club and we want success, but don’t assume that this will take a few years, it takes time and for some, this is too long.

So, harden up, accept where we are, for now, understand what needs to be done to get us where we want to be.  Realise that there are those out in the media and social media world who want nothing more than reactions from Carlton supporters at a time when the club is rock bottom.  Ignore them, bush them aside, because when the tide turns, and it will turn we will have the last laugh. Let’s not be the arrogant club we once were that got us into so much trouble that has decimated the club. We need to stop knee-jerk reactions that fuel the fires of media commentators who want nothing more than to see us fail, and if you can’t do that – move on!

I see what the future will be for Carlton in the youth of the players and with a bit more tweaking, changes in the footy department, the tide will turn, we will exit a dark tunnel and Carlton will be a force again. 


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