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Contrived Media vs Carlton FC

  • Contrived Media vs Carlton FC

I have long held the belief that most in the media in the world of sport, come into the realm of commentary and bring their biases with them, no matter how much they protest they don’t. On a program on SEN in Melbourne, Gerard Wheatley stated that he wanted to ‘clear the air’ with Carlton supporters, who for the most part see him as someone who epitomizes this.  He brought on with him Mark McClure who as a stalwart of the Carlton FC gave some rational and insightful commentary.  The segment was contrived and did nothing to quell my distaste with those in the media who just don’t get it and assume their views and opinions hold power in the world of footy.

Wheatley listened to callers and then stated that he would reply at the end of the ‘segment’, he did not. He did nothing to get to the heart of the matter for Carlton supporters, even though he urged them to call and ‘give it to him’, not many did.  It is so blatantly apparent that there are those in the media, Wheatley one of them, Kane Cornes another, even Robbo who are undoubtedly dead set against anything Carlton achieves because they simply don’t get it, because all they are set on supporting clubs that are down, but hold considered ‘favouritism’ in their eyes, and deride the clubs that don’t, Carlton being the main one.

They seem to not understand or don’t want to understand the position Carlton has been in, in the past 10 years.  They don’t see how Malthouse decimated the club, how those players that have left, and I get sick of saying this, left either because of this or because Malthouse ‘pushed’ them out. They don’t see that letting Gibbs go, while to all supporters was a sad thing to see, we understand that with him being out of contract next year, at least letting him go when has some value as he did last year, was the right thing to do.  Wheatley talked about how Carlton got rid of Waite and Henderson, and from my perspective, both of these players showed their true colors once they left.  They are both ungrateful for what Carlton has done for them and show constantly this attitude, but this is not the point. The point is, that the media like to find that one club that they can lay into in a season to prove their ability to make waves, add controversy and do nothing but stir up something that is just not there.

What about the poor performance in the past years of St. Kilda? Where are the commentators writing columns, blasting on the radio and on TV about how a team once considered a final contender is now languishing at the bottom with no real hope of a rise up?  What about the poor performance of an AFL gifted club, GWS who were considered to be last year, a finals contender this year, failing miserably because they are, and I have said this over and over again, a team that has great players but they don’t play for the team, only for themselves and this will ensure that they will never be all that they and the AFL want them to be. But the media don’t plaster that on the air or in the newspapers. Do any of the media understand what the past has done for Carlton and its list and even its endeavors to get back to the top?  They don’t, because they just don’t want to.

All they see are the glorious players that come from other clubs such as Essendon or Geelong. The Ablett’s, the Selwoods and the Dangerfields; and there is another issue, Patrick Dangerfield. I used to have a lot of respect for this caliber of player, but after the issue with the Curnow brothers, no more. He is the leader of the AFL Players Association – ALL PLAYERS, yet he deemed it prudent to voice an opinion because he felt angered by the inconsistencies of the AFL and MRP, towards one of his team-mates. As the supposed head of an organization that is supposed to represent all players, he should have just kept his mouth shut! But he didn’t and the media gave him airtime on this.  He has lost all respect from not only Carlton supporters, but others as well who see how hypocritical he was, yet the media didn’t see this, because he is considered a ‘poster boy’ for the AFL – well he is not. I have lost total respect for him and what he stands for because all he stands for is his club and their agenda. 

I am angered and frustrated that the media think that a contrived 40-minute segment on a radio station will appease and silence Carlton supporters and ‘clear the air’. It won’t and it didn’t. I don’t believe in anything Wheatley states that he ‘loves Carlton’, its all talk. 

As for the person who wrote that we should leave Wheatley alone and trust our own thoughts...we do trust our own thoughts, and as a person who is on the air and openly states his views, we have a right to state our views. He is a media commentator who puts his views out into the world and to imply that we should just leave him be is ridiculous. He must be held accountable for his views, opinions, and statements especially when they are so one-sided. 

There are two sides in the footy world, there are those who see some clubs as being the greatest, the mightiest and even if they are not in the top 8, they are still considered great. Then there are those, sorry, that one club that none in the AFL media world rate, Carlton. But hey, we may be down, we may be bullied by these media people, but we will never be out, and history will show what the future will bring and have faith in what is happening at Carlton now, will only prove to be irksome in the veins of the media who don’t see past their bias, contrived viewpoints. Carlton will prevail, they will prevail.


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