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Carlton appoints a new CEO and it's not who you all thought!

  • Carlton appoints a new CEO and it's not who you all thought!

Dear Media people who really think they know what is going on…

You don’t! You have no clue as to what is going on at a club that is right now in the process of ensuring a longevity of success. Those that should know, know diddly-squat! You all stated that Simon Lethlean was going to be the next Carlton CEO! That the announcement of a panel was purely lip-service and that Carlton should be honest enough to announce this.  Boy oh boy, were you wrong! How does it feel to have egg on your face? No, big, fat, rotten, smelly, putrid egg on your face!

How can you really be taken with any credibility if you make statements of which you have no basis for?  Carlton was never going to be the club that you hoped they would be, that is one that bases its future on what has happened in the distant past.  They did what any organization would do, blocked out the noise and concentrated on ensuring that the club is heading in the direction it started with Bolts and SOS’s inclusion. 

Every single Carlton supporter who believed in the way the club is heading would love nothing more than hold placards in your faces saying “told you so”.  But then again, you somehow believe in your own rhetoric and will probably justify your ill-informed comments and opinions.  Maybe next time, just let whatever happens, happen without your “knowledgeable” opinions and then maybe, just maybe you won’t feel so stupid. 

Welcome, Cain Liddle!

Yours in “I told you so” way,

Proud Carlton Member!


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