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Brendan Rodgers and his identity crisis

  • Brendan Rodgers and his identity crisis

Despite all of the negative press surrounding Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers. Despite all of the damning stats building up against him I for one have supported the Northern Irishman and his philosophy of attacking possession-based football. I want him to win. I want my team to turn things around and top the table and I want the man in charge right now to be the one that helps them achieve it. I am a Liverpool fan and hoping they lose just to get in a new coach doesn’t sit right with me.


But after watching my beloved reds capitulate at Old Traffford last week I found my self scanning Twitter for any sign that Rodgers was heading for the dole queue. In that match I witnessed a team sent out not to lose. I witnessed a team playing with fear and not the freedom that the coach so adamantly says is his mantra. This left me with one conclusion; Brendan Rodgers has lost his way and needs to be moved on.

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The former Swansea boss wants to be at Liverpool for the long term I am sure of it, who wouldn’t? And I am sure that in his long-term vision he has us playing like Barcelona, but through his desire to stay at the helm he has become scared to lose. He knows his job is one the line and he is hoping that by shutting up shop and scraping some points together that the team will build momentum. This will allow him to become more expressive as the players settle and fans see the plan working.


The problem is, it isn’t working. Rodgers simply doesn’t know how to instill the passion in his players to pull off such a hit and run style of play. Maybe it’s because the squad themselves don’t believe in it. Maybe they all feel as all the fans do that Liverpool should be going out, not just to win, but pounding the opposition in to submission. Teams should be going up against Liverpool knowing that they are going to have to be at their very best to beat us not thinking about wearing us down.



I am all for giving people time if they have a clear vision and are showing signs of pulling it off. Let’s be honest though, Brendan Rodgers isn’t anywhere close. He is a coach still struggling to recover from the sale of Luis Suarez. He is a coach struggling with his identity. He is a coach that doesn’t know how to cope when things aren’t going to plan. He is a coach that has lost his way and has taken his team with him. In my opinion it will be for the good of Liverpool Football Club if Brendan Rodgers mans up and admits he is out of his depth. It’s time for the Liverpool gaffa to step aside.

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