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Oakleigh Cannons: Omar Ammache

  • Oakleigh Cannons: Omar Ammache

Omar Ammache has already made his own little slice of football history after he was selected to join the U13 squad of Brazilian club Atletico Mineiro in 2009 when he was just 11 years old. It was a feat that had not been heard in his home country of Australia and certainly not in the tiny riverside suburb of Patterson Lakes where Omar lived and plied his trade as a youngster. The move instantly made Ammache one to watch down under while his You Tube videos have spread his name around the world.

Omar learnt his trade with a private soccer academy known as the Australian Football Skool or AFS. The AFS prides itself on offering top quality coaching as well as the possibility to take trips around the world to show case your skills in other top footballing nations. It was on one of these trips that Omar was spotted and invited to spend time with the Atletico Mineiro youth squad after impressing with his strength and positive play.

“Omar is really performing well, his attitude to training is fantastic,” said Atletico Mineiro’s International Affairs spokesman, Gustavo Cupertino when asked about the clubs new signing.

At Mineiro trial around 100 new prospects a month and select 30 to continue training with the club. But rather than just being there to make up the numbers Ammache was instantly selected in the starting eleven where he was tested by the coaches in almost every position.

"He's played games and scored goals, and they've played him everywhere on the field from right halfback to striker and he performed really very well,” said Omar’s father during their time in South America.

But despite all of the positive reports Mineiro decided not to keep Omar Ammache on the books.

“Atletico (Mineiro) is a professional club like any other around the world, players are brought into the club and released all the time in order to benefit the club,” said Cupertino.
 Omar has since spent time in  England where he  trained with Manchester City, Stoke City and Reading before heading home to Australia to decide where his future lay. It was here that the 16-year-old Omar took up training with Victorian Premier League team, The Oakleigh Cannons, where he is now under the tutor ledge of the famed coach, Miron Blieberg.


“Omar has more than 50% of what is needed to make it as a professional footballer,” said Miron.
“He has a very high skill level and great pace.”

The former Gold Coast Utd coach even gave Omar his first step up in to the senior squad and the big time by throwing him on as a late substitute against Melbourne Heart and Harry Kewell. Despite the positives there is still plenty for the youngster to work on with his general game intelligence being called in to question, but barely being old enough to shave means Omar still has plenty of time on his side. So will we see Omar in the A-League any time soon?

“Some players get game intelligence at 16 some 18 or 21 some never we will just have to wait and see,” said Oakleigh coach Miron Bleiberg. “He has the ingredients speed, and skill. Football intelligence and physique you can’t buy. If his will acquire this and his body will hold then yes!”
And who can seriously argue with Miron?

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