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Real Madrid: Joshua Pynadath

  • Real Madrid: Joshua Pynadath

America has been investing in the beautiful game for some time now. The deal to take David Beckham to the US was one of clear intention that they want their league to be one of the world’s best and that has snowballed with many other big names now calling Major League Soccer home.

But many Americans are wondering when this investment will filter down to the country’s youth development and of course, in turn, the national team. Well it now seems that America is starting to see some bang for its buck. The MLS is gaining in popularity and more and more junior’s are not only taking up the sport but sticking with it instead of switching sports in their teenage years to the likes of baseball or basketball. With this increase you are starting to see more and more stand out performers with, Ben Lederman, who has been taken on by Barcelona and now, Joshua Pynadath, who has joined Lederman’s rivals, Real Madrid.

Pynadath was spotted by the Spanish giants after his coach, Jeff Baicher, coaching director of Cupertino's De Anza Force elite youth club, sent them a video when the Pynadeth family planned a trip to Spain.

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"He's outrageously technical for his age," Baicher said a couple of years ago. "He's an 11-year-old with elite 14-year-old qualities."

The Spanish giants were instantly won over, and after a short trial they invited Joshua to spend a year in Spain honing his craft.

If you get to see him play you will see where all of the hype comes from. Young Joshua has amazing mastery of the ball and is confident backing his own ability to beat his man. His change of direction is lighting. If you were being picky you might look at a lack of end product as you don’t often see him picking a killer pass or sneaking in around the back to score a goal. This screams to me that working on his overall game intelligence is the next step in his development. Of course he is only 13 and at one of the worlds elite academies. If he takes on board what they try to teach him and his temperament is good then Joshua Pynadath could go all the way.

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